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Class: Laravel Roles and Permissions
Manage application users' roles and permissions
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Laravel Role Permission Management System - Laravel 7.x 9.x

A project which manage Role, Permissions and every actions of your Laravel application. A complete solution for Role based Access Control in Laravel.

Live Demo:

Username - superadmin
password - 12345678

> Note: Don't try to modify the Super Admin (Role & admin) data, just for Heroku deployment.


  • Laravel `7.x` | `9.7`
  • Spatie role permission package `3.1.3`


  • Laravel `7.x` & PHP -`7.x` - Tag - - Branch -
  • Laravel `9.7` & PHP - `8.x`

Project Setup

Git clone -

git clone

Go to project folder -

cd laravel-role

Install Laravel Dependencies -

composer install

Create database called - laravel_role

Create .env file by copying .env.example file

Generate Artisan Key (If needed) -

php artisan key:generate

Migrate Database with seeder -

php artisan migrate --seed

Run Project -

php artisan serve

Since, there is any problem to seeder, Please import the .sql file directly -

So, You've got the project of Laravel Role & Permission Management on your http://localhost:8000

How it works

  1. Login using Super Admin Credential - 1. Username - `superadmin` 1. Password - `12345678`
  2. Create Admin
  3. Create Role
  4. Assign Permission to Roles
  5. Assign Multiple Role to an admin
  6. Check by login with the new credentials.
  7. If you've not enough permission to do any task, you'll get a warning message.

Learn More & Discussion

Login & Dashboard Page

![alt text][adminLoginImage] ![alt text][dashboardImage]

Role Pages

Role List ![alt text][roleListImage] Role Create ![alt text][roleCreateImage] Role Edit ![alt text][roleEditImage]

Admin Pages

Admin List ![alt text][adminListImage] Admin Create ![alt text][adminCreateImage]

Other Pages

Custom Error Pages ![alt text][errorPageImage] Dynamic Sidebar Manage ![alt text][sidebarDyanamic]

[dashboardImage]: "Dashboard Page Laravel Role Management" [roleListImage]: "2-Laravel-Manage-Roles" [roleCreateImage]: "3-Laravel-Role-Create" [roleEditImage]: "4-Laravel-Role-Edit" [adminListImage]: "5-Laravel-Admin-Manage" [adminCreateImage]: "6-Laravel-Admin-Create" [adminLoginImage]: "7-Login-Page" [errorPageImage]: "8 - Error Page Handling" [sidebarDyanamic]: "9-Sidebar-Manage-Dynamically"

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